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You should not:

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  • ALB, INC. GENERAL ENGINEERING items can be leased or rented.
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  • ALB, INC. GENERAL ENGINEERING items should be rebranded.


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We highly advise that you submit a formal appeal to reach an agreement. If a party wishes to go to arbitration, it must do so through a recognized alternative dispute resolution (“ADR“) provider that has been agreed upon. The following regulations must be followed by both the ADR provider and the customers:

  • The inquiry will be contacted by phone, through the internet, or just through handwritten entries, relying on the procedure requested by the person who seeks arbitration.
  • Unless the parties expressly agree otherwise, the arbitrator will not compel the parties or witness accounts to appear in person.
  • A single arbitrator will decide the matter; and
  • Any government entity can make a judgment on the arbitrator’s ruling.


You agree to indemnify and hold innocuous ALB, INC. GENERAL ENGINEERING, its state legislators, affiliated companies, consumers, forebears, executive officers, managers, specialists, phone companies, vendors, and lawmakers from any insinuation or demand arising from or connected to any knowledge you have sent, publicize, or provide direct exposure to, whether explicitly or implicitly, including lawyer expenses, judiciary’s fees, and other authorized spending and payables.


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Our Terms and Conditions, which include a list of specific legislation, and our User Agreement govern your use of the ALB, INC. GENERAL ENGINEERING Service. The Policy may be updated, amended, or revised at any point by ALB, INC. GENERAL ENGINEERING. Any changes will be implemented as quickly as ALB, INC. GENERAL ENGINEERING deems them appropriate.

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