Privacy Policy

ALB, INC. GENERAL ENGINEERING is committed to safeguarding its customers’ personal information. We have created and continue to maintain a privacy compliance structure via which our users may obtain information and exercise their rights about their data and privacy.

ALB, INC. GENERAL ENGINEERING, together with its affiliates (we), (us), has formed the following privacy policy you see before you and is confidently devoted to the protection and safeguarding of your (Site User) privacy.

The active Privacy Policy (“Terms“) are between You (the “Customer“) and ALB, INC. GENERAL ENGINEERING (“Company,” “we,” or “us”) that aims to govern your access and use of http:/ (the “Website“), irrespective of whether you’re a listed user or use our platform in any other manner.


ALB, INC. GENERAL ENGINEERING collects general data to optimize the operation and structure of the Website (including to help us evaluate the content of interest to visitors). We obtain information for a variety of reasons, including defining the technical design requirements of the Website and detecting system performance or issue areas. Along with tracking activity on the Website, generating reports, analyzing data, enhancing usability, and otherwise monitoring how the Website is used – none of which would individually identify any users.


The user must log in/submit private information on our Website to use our online services, book a construction plan, and more. We’ll need your username, contact details, residence information, and email address to complete any contracting services.


If the Company’s rights are breached, ALB, INC. GENERAL ENGINEERING has the authority to limit or cancel a customer’s data or seize registration access at any time.


ALB, INC. GENERAL ENGINEERING acquires Personal Data for various purposes, including account setup (e.g., your identification, contact number, and email account), payment evidence, and information about your interests, demographics, engagements, and communication preferences. We gather your data to keep in touch with you as mandatory or link you with users who are relevant to you.

ALB, INC. GENERAL ENGINEERING can keep a backup or copy of such an engagement and guarantees that your personally recognizable information is never conveyed, misused, or provided to the public.


ALB, INC. GENERAL ENGINEERING guarantees the accuracy of the information provided. Any personal data, particularly your Private Details, is never used or mistreated by us. In accordance with the guidelines, ALB, INC. GENERAL ENGINEERING does not expose or trade personal information with other authorities, businesses, or customers.


ALB, INC. GENERAL ENGINEERING values the privacy of the information provided to us. We employ all necessary safeguards to secure the information or use of your Identification Information. However, we cannot assure the security of any information you (the user) submit, transfer, or reveal over our Website or email apart from the required details.


ALB, INC. GENERAL ENGINEERING has a variety of external links to our products. However, we are not accountable for the privacy policies of third-party companies. ALB, INC. GENERAL ENGINEERING does not respond to third-party service/product claims, disputes, concerns, or inquiries. They must be forwarded to a third party.


Our User Agreement and Terms of Use, which contain a list of relevant regulations, control your use of the ALB, INC. GENERAL ENGINEERING Service. ALB, INC. GENERAL ENGINEERING has the right to revise, change, or alter the Policy at any time. Any amendments will be applied as soon as ALB, INC. GENERAL ENGINEERING considers them necessary.

We highly advise that you read our Policy before the contract so that you are aware of and can comply with any adjustments we make.


If you have any unanswered inquiries about our Privacy Policy, feel free to email our support personnel at, and we will shortly answer.